It’s that time of year again. Most of us are starting to think about either putting away our jeeps for the winter or swapping out our offroad tires for winter ones.

What this also means as that we are fast approaching the London & Area Jeep Owner’s Club Annual General Meeting. This meeting is open to current members and anyone else who might be interested in finding out more about the club. Come out to find out what the club did this past season and give us your input for the upcoming year. This year is also a voting year. What does that mean? It mean’s that your current Board of Director’s has served 2 years and it’s time to vote for the current people or new people.

Another post will follow shortly on how to show your intent to run for a London & Area Jeep Owners Club Director position.

Only members in good standing will be eligible to vote on any topics that require a vote.

After the formal part of the AGM we will be having a club sponsored dinner. Unfortunately this will only be available to our current members and you must sign up and pay on line in order to participate.

For more information or for members to sign up for the dinner please click here

We look forward to seeing you in November.

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