Here are some common questions that we’ve been asked in previous years. If you can’t find an answer to the question that you have please send an email to

I don’t own a Jeep, can I still attend? Yes, the event is open to all off-road vehicles with high ground clearance, low range, skid plates and 40″ or smaller tires

Can I bring my ATV, side by side, dirt bike etc? No. The only vehicles permitted on the property must be licensed and insured for on-road use.

Can I bring my dog? No dogs are allowed on the property at the request of the land owner no matter how well behaved. This is not negotiable.

Is the event accessible? Yes. We make every attempt to accommodate. We provide a wheelchair accessible port-o-potty and the grounds at base camp are level and assistive-device friendly. Organizers just need to know in advance to ensure your needs are met. Hand-controlled (brakes/throttle) off-road vehicles have done well on the trails, even the higher rated ones.

If I’m a London & Area Jeep Owners Club member can I pay for someone who is a non-member? Yes. However, only you will receive the discount for your own registration, if applicable, and can register yourself during the early bird period, if you have renewed your membership by January 31st of the current year. Once registration is open to the public you may coordinate with your family/friends to enter their pertinent information and pay on their behalf.

Is there camping available at Base Camp? No. There is no participant camping available at Base Camp.

Can I pay for my family/friends with my credit card? Yes. PayPal will accept your credit card information for someone else’s registration

Can I pay off-line? Generally No, but exceptions can be made by contacting Your spot is not guaranteed until payment has been received.

If I need to cancel, will I get my money back? Yes, less a $25 administration fee, up until July 1st, after that no refunds will be provided.

If I can’t attend, can I give my registration to someone else? No. Your registration is not transferable. The Trailfest organizing committee with refund your money less the administration fee, up to July 1st and offer the spot to someone on the waiting list.

Can I bring one passenger on Saturday and another person on Sunday? Yes. Registration is per seat in your vehicle with a seat belt. You would register for one passenger, which includes one Sunday closing ceremony meal. You would then have to purchase the meal for your additional guest as an “extra meal” for $15. If one passenger is an adult and the other is a youth or child you would have to pay the appropriate rate for the adult registration.

Can I bring other family/friends to the event that won’t be going on the trails? Yes, they are welcome to come for the Charity BBQ on Saturday night and for the Sunday Closing Ceremonies. If they wish to eat at the Closing Ceremonies they will have to have purchased an “extra meal” during the registration process.

If Trailfest sells out, can I get on a waiting list? Yes, A waiting list will be made available.

I can’t register on the Friday night, will I miss out? No. Registration will be open again on Saturday morning for those that can’t make it Friday night.

Do I need a CB radio? Although it’s not a specific requirement it’s strongly recommended as most of our guides will use CB to communicate with the group. If you don’t have a CB you will at least need a FRS radio.

My Jeep is stock and I’ve never been off-road before but want to learn how it can handle off-road conditions. Can I still come?  Yes. We offer an introductory 101 course on Saturday with trails that are designed for your vehicle. You vehicle is more capable that you think it is.

Will I get help if I’m not sure what to do on a trail? Yes. Our trails are all led and supported but knowledgeable and experienced Trail Guides who will make sure you get through the obstacles and have fun.

Is it possible that my vehicle might be damaged? Yes, that is a possibility. Our Guides do everything possible to make sure you and your vehicle end up on the best trails for your skills and it’s configuration. It’s important to listen to your trail guides and you are ultimately responsible for your vehicle. If something unfortunate does happen we will get you back to base camp where your vehicle is accessible for CAA or a tow truck to come and pick you up. We also have an on-site mechanic that may be able to help you out.


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