The “101” – Trail Rating 1

The Responsible Four-Wheel Drive course consists of a short seminar outlining the basics of off-roading for novice off-roaders, with practical “hands-on” skills development on a trail near Base Camp. After lunch the group will head over to the Purdy Hunt Camp for more practice on the Bumps ‘n’ Bruises Trail. You will learn such skills as log crossing, spotting, wheel placement, and descending steep inclines.

Timberbear – Trail Rating 2-3

The trail starts at Base Camp and follows logging trails through the forest to the entrance of the bog trail. At this point, the trail turns into a true off-road trail as you travel down a steep hill and then experience a winding drive through the bog to a challenging mud section. Traveling through the thick forest you will traverse several obstacles including mud holes, rocks; hill climbs and occasionally get a view of scenic beaver ponds. This trail offers many different challenges to the driver with limited off-road experience.

PJ’s Waterfall – Trail Rating 3-4

Travel at the edge of a 75-foot high ridge before you follow a steep grade down to the waterfall. The trail meanders along the creek bed where you encounter a couple of challenging rock obstacles. The trail continues along through towering pines and finally comes out to a large beaver pond.

Rathwell – Trail Rating 4-5

This trail accommodates wide vehicles. The Rathwell Trail leaves from Base Camp in a northerly direction following the Dewdney Mountain Trail until it branches off just past the mountain to continue on to Round Lake. A pleasant drive through scenic woodlands, with a challenging hill climb, brings you to the lake where you can enjoy a cooling swim and lunch before heading back the way you came.

Dewdney Mountain A & B – Trail Rating 4-5

The trail starts at Base Camp heading north. Traveling through lush forest, it crosses a limestone shelf riddled with caves. A favorite feature on the trail is the “Crack”. It consists of a small canyon, which the trail passes through. There are many great photo opportunities, as you will be crawling up steep rock faces and through tightly winding forested trails.

Gnarly – Trail Rating 4-5

The trail starts at Base Camp and heads in a southerly direction. If you’re looking for mud, this is the trail for you! There are several optional loops and by-passes throughout the trail, some of which will present a challenge to even the most seasoned off-roader. You will encounter numerous muddy sections, (some with hill-climbs), and tricky off-cambers. Overall, this trail has something for everyone, with great scenery throughout!

Over the Ledge – Trail Rating 6-7

This trail accommodates wide vehicles and has a lot to offer. It is a lengthy trail and very scenic. If you pick the hard lines, you will be challenged repeatedly to climb and descend some daunting rock ledges. There are also some big hills to keep things interesting. If you are experienced and looking for a challenge, this is your trail! We recommend that you vehicle be equipped with 35″+ tires, front and rear lockers

Lunatic Fringe – Trail Rating 7-9

This trail was created to test a rig’s ability and a driver’s sanity… Short aggressive climb through the Kawartha Area limestone-shale ridges with nearly vertical ascents and descents to twist your rig to the edge of its limit. As you wind your way through tight off- cambers, and up or down short steps, remember to stop and look around as you work your way through the beautiful hardwoods of this region. We recommend that your vehicle be equipped with: 35″+ tires, a capable winch, front & rear lockers, a roll cage and 4-point harness. Note: body damage is possible.


Ratings System

  • 0 Graded Dirt or Gravel Road.
  • 1-2 Suitable for stock vehicles. Little chance of vehicle damage. Suitable for new drivers.
  • 3-4 Suitable for stock vehicles or vehicles with minor enhancements. Little chance of vehicle damage. Some difficult terrain. Suitable for novice drivers.
  • 5-6 In a stock vehicle this should only be attempted by a very experienced driver. Suitable for moderately modified vehicles (lift and tires). Difficult terrain includes off-camber, water/mud crossings and rocks. Body and other vehicle damage a possibility. Suitable for moderately experienced drivers.
  • 7-8 Suitable only for significantly modified vehicles. Winch is recommended but not necessary if others in the group have one. Difficult-to-extreme terrain. Body and other vehicle damage a significant possibility. Suitable for experienced drivers.
  • 9-10 Reserved for the pros.
  • Note: Inclement weather such as rain will increase the Trail Rating (T/R) by at least one level. Pay attention to your guide’s instructions! Our driver/vehicle rating system ensures that the skills and capabilities of both match the demands and challenges of the trails.


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