Welcome to LAJOC’s new and improved website. The board has been discussing the options for updating the current website to something that better meets our needs.

The new website has 2 parts to it. There is a membership management side to it that’s run by a company called Membee. You will not see much of this part of the website. This system will allow us to have automated sign ups and renewals taking some pressure off of our membership coordinator. The other thing that Membee offers is a much better event management setup so that we can make better use of the calendar feature and allow easier sign up to our events.

The other part of the new website which you will have more interaction with is the actual website. This is built on a WordPress platform which will allow us to easily maintain the site.

We have incorporated the Trailfest website into a section of the new website so that we only have to maintain one website. We will be keeping the domain www.trailfest.ca and pointing it to the new page on the new website.

If you have any questions or comments about the new site please let us know by emailing board@londonjeepclub.org

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